I finally did it. I finally told my husband I don’t want to be married anymore. Holy shit, that was liberating and scary. But I fucking DID IT!

I know he’s seeing someone, and I’m sure he’s screwing her too. I’m not stupid. You know what db? She can have your selfish ass. I’m done. I’m not waiting any longer for you to “decide what you wanna do” anymore. You obviously aren’t making any attempts to figure out if you want to be married to me while you fuck around with other women. That’s fine, I’m OK, I’m cool. I won’t let you beat me down any fucking more. You have no control over me anymore. I am my own person, my own STRONG BITCH.

Now you need to step up and be an active parent to the kids. I don’t care if you do work 12 hours a day. You make the god damn effort to see and talk to them, more than just your weekend. You step up or you walk away and let a real man be their father. This isn’t about you or me and what’s happened in the past. Step up or walk away. *He doesn’t like that line very much*

My friends are so proud of me for FINALLY taking a stand against him. One friend has nicknamed me Dany or Kahleesi. I’m just now reading “Game of Thrones” so I can understand this better. All of them have pretty much told me I need to do what is best for me and the kids. I am trying, but fuck is it HARD. But there is a man, a WONDERFULLY, AMAZING man who has already stolen my heart. He hasn’t liked db for awhile…and he asked if he could beat his ass. I told him I wouldn’t try to stop him-he’s 6’8′ and at LEAST 300 solid pounds. I’m 5’4″ on a good day, and db MIGHT be 5’9″. Poor Texas…he’s just ITCHING to do some ass kicking in my honor. All I can do is smile, blush, and shake my head. My friends tell me that I’m in love. He’s my prince, I’m his princess, and fucking deserve that god damn fairy tale after the utter shit I’ve been through for 10 years.

And you know what-I’m fucking ready for it. Texas has my heart and my soul.