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I started my weekend op shift this past weekend…and I feel like I went 16 rounds with a prize-fighter.  I hurt from neck to ankles, and it snowed 8 inches Saturday night into Sunday afternoon.  I got about 5 hours of sleep, and it’s starting to look like I place where you are fed to the wolves.  I don’t have a problem with that.  I can swim and tread water and survive.  THe problem I have it that I’m used to paperwork.  Actual paper from trees paperwork.  This job has a MATRIX system.  HOW THE FUCK am I sposed to do this shit when I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA?!?!  Sink or swim Sass.  So I did the best I could, and it kicked my ass, and I was SO THANKFUL for the people on my unit that helped my on Sunday evening, because I was busted up beat.  But, to get to Florida at the end of April, and to finish this divorce, I need the money. $16 an hour is a fucking motivator.  The acetaminophen and ibuprofen poisoning, not so much…  I need a massage.  So, I will try my best to keep up here with my journey, but I’m closed on the weekends.  Oh, and WHY the hell do I live in a state where a majority of people do NOT know how to drive in the snow?!  Fucking dusting here and they freak out.  Get the fuck outta my way.  I gotta get the fuck home.  Shouldn’t take me an hour because I’m stuck behind some asshole from MICHIGAN doing 20 while TEXTING ON HIS PHONE.  Times like these, I’m glad I can’t own a firearm.