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This med increase is really messing with me.  I fell asleep without listening to my Young Gun Mix on Spotify but I still have to sleep with the light on.  Teeth were still clenched and my body was tense and the anxious feeling still there.  I woke up this morning without the feeling of grogginess, and I remember that I dreamt.  I don’t remember much, I just know it was REALLY weird, and I woke up with a void.  I was SUPER motivated when I took my son to school, and I had to drive about 30 minutes to get my car looked at.  Upon reaching my destination and talking to my dad’s old coworker that remembers me from when I was my daughter’s age, I felt like the nap truck hit my ass.  I was SOOOOOO tired driving back here.  I wanted to take a nap, but I had some emails and message on WP to check and respond too.  I’ve been sitting here for 3.5 hours looking at BuzzFeed animals.  I laughed until I cried because they’re so damn cute, and the sarcasm used is HILARIOUS!  I had wanted to write more about Florida, and some other things, but now I’m just feeling empty/numb/flat.  I hate that about a med change.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the Latuda, but this CONSTANT fluctuation is really starting to piss me off/Upset me to tears.  I just want to feel better, feel stable, feel in general.  GAH.  I think I’ll finally motivate myself to the shower..I need to tame my eyebrows anyway.