So I’ve decided to take my Latuda in the AM and not the PM to see if that helps with the ups and downs.  Last night after we got home from dinner for my son’s 13th birthday, I felt like I could have cleaned the house from top to bottom, while doing an ENTIRE Broadway show with advanced choreography and prattled on about anything at 500 miles an hour.  I forced myself to bed, took my Trileptal and new birth control-Aviane-and started figuring out how divide the payment for the condo in Florida over 6 weeks.  I passed out around 11, I think.

So I’ve taken the Latuda around 945 this morning, and I could SERIOUSLY take a nap.  I’m having a really hard time staying awake, and trying to keep my mind focused on typing out this blog.  I’m kind of dizzy-but that’s most likely from the Trileptal.

Here’s the a kicker, y’all.

Since my OBGYN started me on a new birth control and I read the warning insert I’m been worrying a bit, because it says if you take oxcarbazepine-generic Trileptal-you should be monitored closely.  WTF?!  So I called my friendly neighborhood pharmacist and he looked up the drug interactions.  TURNS OUT that the oxcarbazepine makes the meds go through my liver faster, so if I do have sex-which I am not-that I need to use a back up method of birth control.  Whoopee.  So I asked him about the oxcarbazepine and the Latuda, and guess what? Yep, same thing.  SO that could be why I’m freaking ramped up at night because there’s no effing drugs in my system.  Wonderful.  Great.  This effing sucks.

Hopefully changing the time will help.  If not, guess I gotta increase the dose-again.  This is too much.  I’m taking a nap.