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So I’ve been following ALOT more fellow BPers. And if you can’t decipher that, then you need to leave my page.  I never realized how much I entwined my positive attributes with my BP.  So, my LOVELY friend at Volatile Stability posted this and I thought, “I should do this, but then if you read her answers y’all’ll think I stole them!”  I digress, so here are MY 10 Positives

1) I really AM a good listener.  You can sit there and cry and snot and scream, and I’ll sit there, extend a hand to your knee, and jsut let you know I’m here and I won’t judge-because it’s not my place to do so.

2) I’m honest-to a fault honest.  I won’t sugar coat things, and tell you Unicorns poop Rainbows and glitter-though that would be AWESOME!-because it’s not fair to you OR to me.  Again, it’s not my place to judge you, but I DO think you need some kind of accountability.

3) I can sing-and I mean belt it out sing.  My range is shit right now, but I’m finding my power hasn’t diminished, it’s only increased.  I’m going to record a song next week, and I’m damn proud of that.

4) I can not STAND people who have NO GRAMMAR ETIQUETTE! In second grade I pronounced Mikhail Gorbachev correctly and my TEACHERS couldn’t.  It’s Ir-RAHN, not Ir-RAN, the same with IR-RAHQ, not IR-RACK.  Cue nails on the chalk board irritating noises from incorrect pronunciations.

5) Family is EVERYTHING-blood is thicker than mud, and you don’t have to be blood to be family.  If I call you family, that’s pretty fucking important.

6) I love to help others more than myself.  I get a fulfilled feeling and a sense of accomplishment when I do-even if it’s holding open a door for someone with crutches, walker or wheelchair.  This is PROBABLY why I’m still a CNA after 15 years and not a nurse.  Need to change that.

7) Music=Life.  When I cannot express myself I turn to music.  Again, here is my Spotify addiction.  Do NOT touch the radio in the car-whether I am the driver or the passenger.  You will get your hand smacked, and I won’t regret it.

8) I warn people not to hurt/abuse/lie/cheat/steal/use me.  I will become the most revengeful human being on earth.  I DO NOT like bringing out this side of me, hence the warning.  It’s #2 in my friendship/relationship contract.  If you violate this, you bring it upon your self.

9) I love animals.  Like LOVE animals.  I don’t agree with the IDEA of the zoo as I get older, but I DO agree with nature preserves.  Let them be in their natural habitats.  I miss my dog, May, and I’m not a “dog person”.  My dog, Zeus, Titan, Hercules, Ellie and Pita are all the major exceptions to the Rule.

10) I have a WICKED sense of humor.  I am a sarcastic smart-ass and my son gets it from me and can dish it out as well.  MY OBGYN said my sister and I should do a stand-up routine as he’s doing a uterine biopsy.  Sure, Dr. G!  As long as you can provide the table and the stirrups, I don’t mind having my cervix exposed to an audience!  Make sure you put it on the movie screen for ALL to see!

Here are a couple of extras

11) I’m super emotional, which really lets me connect with people on levels that most don’t know exist.  It makes me super sensitive to people and THEIR emotions-think of it like Jasper in Eclipse-and you have to ask, then you shouldn’t be here..

12) I love to read.  LOVE TO READ.  My favorite is fantasy, and I have a tie between Diana Gabaldon and Jim Butcher as my authors.  Both are fucking brilliant in their own right.

13) I cuss-ALOT.  Cussing leads to more honesty-see#2-and I don’t give a rat’s ass if I offend you.  Generalized ignorance offends me.  I may not get chest deep in the news, but I read and listen and talk to enough people to get a generalized idea, and as a whole, the world is fucked up.  If women ran the world, there wouldn’t be famines or wars.  WE can feed and army on $100, and every time someone acts out or misbehaves, it’s timeout and grounding.  Russia, give me your guns.  The Korea’s need to hand over their Nuke keys and codes and sit on your hands.  All the guerrillas in Africa need to write lines-shit you fuckers need to go to school as a whole and educate yourselves.  and don’t get me fucking started on the clear cutting of our rain forests.  And the god damn, ignorant asshole mother fuckers on CAPITAL HILL that SAY they have our best interests in mind and they line their pockets from the fucking lobbyists….shitgoddamn the hell you do.  *RANT OVER*

Woo, the flood gates are open, and I just my spam pages from all the shit flowing through my fingers.  I’m not really sorry about that, y’all.  I’ve had a bit of writer’s block lately.