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SO here are some random facts about me.  And you’ll probably laugh at them, but that’s ok.  I’ll just sit here and shrug when you ask “REALLY?!”

1) I’m addicted to hoodies.  I prefer zip-ups to pull-over ones, but I never look a free one in the head hole.  I currently live in my black zip-up Theory of a Deadman hoddie.  At one point I had about a dozen, then the PTSD kicked in making me feel choked, and the weight loss made me feel and look like I was trying to steal blankets out of the store…I hate being followed my mall security.  Asshole, get off your segway!

2) I.  LOVE.  CINNAMON!  Cinnamon gum-Orbit’s Cinnamint is #1 followed by Trident Cinnamon is #2.  Cinnamon disks, CINNAMON JELLY BELLIES NOMNOMNOM and red hots are the best way to get on my good side-or in my pants.

3) I LOATHE panties.  HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them.  I DID buy 7 pairs of cute cheeky kind from VS when they had their 7 for $27 sale-only because I can FINALLY wear their stuff.  I wore them in Florida and haven’t since.  They make my ass look fabulous.

4) Pink is my FAVORITE color.  Followed by RED then WHITE-all colors associated with POWER.  Hmmm…maybe this is why guys are intimidated by me….things to ponder later.

5) I am a natural red head.  I do not pay to have this color hair.  Bitches be jealous. The carpet matched the curtains YEARS ago…figure that one out on your own.

6) I love dark chocolate-preferably the darker the better, but nothing over 80% cocoa.

7) I hate nuts in my food.  I will tear apart a brownie, dig out pecans from butter pecan ice cream AND walnuts from chicken salad.

8) I do not like coconut-but I will eat a Mounds bar.

9) Pasta=Life.  If you want to impress me on a date, take me to Carrabba’s.

10) I like to drink HIGH dollar Scotch.  I start off with Johnny Walker Black and FINISH with a $120 bottle of Macallan.  YUMMY STUFF, THAT IS!

11) I LOVE movies. LOTR, The Hobbit, Riddick, The ORIGINAL Star Wars, Star Trek-the originals AND the reboots, BLADE is the movie I got my son’s name from, Disney and Pixar and Dreamworks-I cried at How to Train Your Dragon 2-and the list goes ON and ON and ON

12) I fucking LOVE to read.  I love to read a series completely before I start on anything else.  I read the firs FOUR books of “Outlander” in about 8 weeks-that’s about 4,000 pages people.  I TRIED to read Anna Korinnena (sp) and I wanted to stab myself in the eye with my straw.  It was AWFUL!  I made it 117 pages in, and thought I was done reading forever!

13) I am EXTREMELY cold natured-see #1 for addiction.  I have been known to wear winter socks in the middle of summer.  Me feet were cold!  I am PERFECTLY happy keeping my windows open all summer long and NOT using the air conditioner.

14) I am perfectly happy cutting winter OUT of my yearly calendar.  My calendar consists of March, May, June, July, August, September-minus a couple days-October and MOST of November.

15) April is the worst month ever-and NOT for tax reasons.  Everything bad has happened to me in April, hence it’s removal from #14 above.

16) I wreak confidence from every pore in my body.  It’s not that I think I’m better than everybody-good LORD I am FAR from it.  I just know what I want, what I like, and I’m gonna tell you and if you don’t like it, too fucking bad.  It’s not gonna get my non-existent panties in a bunch if I piss you off.  I’m not here to please you.

17) I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth.  I love cookies, candy, cake, pie-mmmmmm, piiiiiiiieee-southern sweet tea and diet coke.  Caffeine be damned!

18) The only dog there is is my dog May.  I love and miss my dog, the others I mentioned in a previous post I tolerate well.  The rest, I really just do not like.

19) I am NOT technologically savvy.  SOOOO glad my sister and Florida are.  They can help me 99 times out of 100.  The last time I get lucky and figure it out myself.  *Puts her hands in the air and yells “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!” and does the Carlton!

20) I prefer blue ink over black when I write.  I find black very morbid and it really turns my good mood to shit when I have to use it.  TRUST me, if I could get away with sparkly pink in in EVERYTHING I write, I would.

So there are some random facts about your friendly, neighborhood Feisty SassaFrass.  Feel free to ask more personal questions at any time.  They will be met with stares of WTF are you KIDDING ME?!  Followed by a loud GUFAW and a snort and a honk.  And, as always, an honest answer.  Loves to you all!  XOXO

Your One and Only,