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So I fucked up my shoulder at work today.  Like FUCKED fucked it up.  I can’t drive and out of complete and sheer desperation I called DB to take me to the ER since occupational health isn’t open on th weekends.  Yeah-it’s that bad.  The doc there that examined me made me cry, but ordered me pain meds.  I had to cut my new scrub top off-it’s baaaaaaad my dears-and I THOUGHT I was going to have to cut my scrub pants off to go pee.  I got lucky and shimmied up down and up using one good arm!  Guess who got two shots in her ass dearies?! This woman-Toroidal and Synthetic Morophine (the real stuff gives me hives). My dad picked me up and had to sign for my release-the meds have made me loopy and I can’t hold a pen anyway.  Got back here and FINALLY got to eat the remainder of my lunch.  My daughter gave me Thin Mints and a piece of Sourdough w/butter, and the only thing I realized is worse than my fucked up shoulder is all the the god damned crumbs that are now between my boobs and the only way to eliminate them is to cut my bra off.  Fuck THAT bullshit. I’ll deal with boob crumbs before I cut off my bra.  And work was just awful for no real reason.  And my temporary filling came out.  Fuck.