My LOVELY friend Tessa nominated me for my first blogging award this year: The Creative Blogger Award.  There are no rules-my FAVE kinda rules 😉 so I’ll follow the format of 5 things about me, and thank the blogger that nominated me!

Tessa-you are an amazing spirit!  Keep up your journey.  I love seeing your daily progress through every day!  Woohoo!

  1. I love Eminem.  He is the only rapper/hip-hop artist I listen to, because there is no other.  And he’s my husband-he just doesn’t know it yet! 😉
  2. I have a HUGE variety of music I listen too-Eminem to BB King and ALL in between
  3. I’ve carried the same red Coach bag for three years now, and it will be buried with me, plus I got it for a steal!
  4. My kids and I are all natural red heads.  We won’t ever become “extinct” PFFFFFFBT
  5. I hated school, but LOVED Math and Science, and even attended a physics camp over the summer of 7th and 8th grades at Purdue University

Now I nominate 5 bloggers for this award:

  1. Blahpolar Diaries-because she’s funny as hell and smart too
  2. dianetharp70-becasse she’s awesome
  3. SD Gates-because I thought their name was SPARKLYPANTS, not SPARKYPLANTS
  4. eimzpink-because she deserves encouragement
  5. shewritesoflife-because she’s an AMAZING writer

Let’s all keep on keeping on when we tell our stories-whether large or small ❤