I hate med adjustments.  Hate hate hate them.  I don’t LOATHE them like I do the month of April, but it’s in my top 5 of hates.  Today I’ve been irritable and snappy.  A little hypomanic, not really motivated to do anything productive, and really tired.  I emailed a friend all day while they were at work.  Told them I imagine them with nerf guns with Mission Impossible or James Bond theme songs playing over the PA system while doing the rat race through the cubicles.  That sounds like way more awesome fun than sitting at a desk answering the phone and getting bitched at by some asshole.  Too each their job.

I’ve been gritting my teeth more today, probably from the irritability, and I actually had a real non-medicine induced headache today.  Took all my bedtime meds-which would make a grown man cringe at all I must ingest for sanity’s sake, and I wanted to start researching some stuff on a different blog post I want to work on.  It’s gonna be a good one, coming right out of left field!  (Did ya catch that?? :eyeroll:)  I have to thank AM for the nut planted on this one.

I wanted to shower today,  but that didn’t happen.  I feel like I lost a few hours of my life today, but for no good reason.  I’m watching
May sleep and I’m worried she’s gonna fall off the bed.  Saw Cute Neighbor Guy today, but kept my distance.  Like I said, I just feel off from the med adjustment.  My thoughts are more jump around than usual.  Fucking meds…damnitalltohell.  Now I can hear my heart beating in my ears…I’m just gonna go to sleep, and hope tomorrow is a little less…whatever, than today was.

Sass, Out