I’m awake in a “better” mood than when I curled under the covers and waited for the bottom to fall out of my goodness.

I think the movie was just way too intense and it overloaded my already sensitive and precious wires and I shorted out.  I don’t feel as if I’m back where I was Saturday, but I definitely left part of the “oh whoa is me” bit in the pit for the hungry tiger.  He’s gnawing on its ghost bones.  He’s satisfied, for now.

Things are a bit more hopeful for me today.  I have the entire house to myself for the first time in months.  I don’t know what I will do, but I’ll do it well, whatever it is.  Oh, I just found the birth control pill I’d “lost” last night.  It’s randomly sitting on the carpet.  Whatevs.  I didn’t take the other one I popped out of its containment pod.

Blah, I was too blah to take the remainder of my meds-which were my trileptal, bc, vitamin and my other heartburn pill.  Don’t worry, I will consume my meds today in a less stubborn and more upbeat fashion.

Time to take my heathens to school.  Let them wear someone else out for awhile.

My brain is still recovering…*ZAP ZAP*