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the effing prestigious blahpolar blog award thingy

I would like to thank Blah for this award that I completely forgot about, and it self-destructed on the kindle.  Thank you, I now have to buy another electronic device to keep Thing 2 occupied for more than 10 minutes, that doesn’t include sunshine and grass and getting dirty.  Dammit.

There are apparent “rule and regulations” that I have absolutely NO idea what in the hell they mean.  I’ll try to follow them to the best of my ability, but I cannot guarantee it will happen, as there is no video of me to PROVE this evidence exists.

Since I have a blatant disregard for rules and regulations, I somehow managed to avoid the armpit acne.  *Praises the armpit God

nye | blush and do that flapping your hands agitatedly near your chin as though you’re fanning  flames thing.
mbini | prepare an acceptance speech in the style of Sally Field.
ntathu | help yourself to one of the automatically generates handcrafted award images, but only if you feel inclined to do so.
ne | copy my explicit instructions suggestions, if you want to.
ntlanu | insert into and paste on to a fresh new post of your own, if you feel like it.
ntandathu | obey interpret my challenge to you to the letterhowever you want.
xhenxe | fire a pingback (and by that I mean ‘like to’) at this post if you’d like to ensure my usual bs erudite comments on your post.

I can’t follow the rules because they aren’t written in Sass language-I really DO have authority issues.  *Cue John Cougar Mellencamp-a fellow Hoosier.

  1. I didn’t “fan the flames”.  I squealed like a pig and shouted “You noticed me!  You REALLY noticed me!’
  2. Sally Field in her ‘Sybil” role or as Abby’s mom on ER?  Either way, she was brilliant in both roles.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  3. 20150419043835719Because the unicorn is farting a rainbow and looks scared to death
  4. Already did *See RULES above
  5. I did
  6. Again, authority issues, I’ll do as I damn well please
  7. How in the HELL do I do a damn ping back?!  I have a hard enough time trying to do the “link” thing and if you MEANT the “link” thing, then why didn’t you clown shoeing say so?! *Grumbles and kicks rocks instead of animals….

    the effing prestigious blahpolar blog award thingy

Now here are the “topics” I am to talk about:                                Pick one / none / any / many:
tee | describe your first thoughts on waking, in the style of a Raymond Chandler private dick eye.
pêdi | describe the view from your window as though you were imprisoned.
tharo | write a conversation between you and your favourite singer.
nnê | write a poem about your underwear.

  1. Who in the HELL is Raymond Chandler?!  Gotta google that…BRB.  Yeah, no, no idea.  So I’ll do it in grumpy Sass way:  Oh god…I have to get up AGAIN…It’s too early…I need more sleep….no I don’t I don’t wanna dream again…clown shoes…*rolls outta bed*
  2. It’s another cold and rainy day here on the island of Downerville…at least the annoyingasallgetout Canadian Geese can waddle around in more than a 1,500 square foot utopia of self cleaning house…lucky bastards.
  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Deep breath in through the nose, out through the mouth….OMGILOVEYOUSOMUCHWILLYOUSIGNMYBOOBS!  Wait, did I say that outloud?!  Dammit Sass…
  4. Ode to Panties.                                                                                I don’t wear you.

I’m not as witty as blah is, so IDK who to nominate for this because I just don’t know.

It was super fun to do this, and I wish I were as creative as blah, but I blame the Swiss Cheese Brain for robbing me of that.  DAMN YOU MEDICINES!  Have fun reading my post.  I’m really this sarcastic in person.

Did I do this right?!  Damn, I bet I didn’t.  AWW MAN!  Armpit acne strikes.  Clown shoes.