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I was going to do some stuff-like take a shower, and reply to some blogs, and work on a couple of my own posts…

But, NOOOOO.  I was smart and took my meds like the goooood Li’l Sass I am.  *smart ass*  Now I have dry mouth and heartburn and my brain is almost completely shut down.  I don’t know if I’ll even change into my jammies…not sure why I should.  The dog and Monkey are in the bed.  It’s not like there’s a man to impress in there.  Pffffbt.  I think I might give up in the man department.  It’s too hard  *whines*

Ok I totally lost what else I was gonna write…Like POOOOOOF!  It’s gone.  Dammit.  I think I’ll just crawl into bed and sleep til the morning when my alarm dingles me awake…wait, I gotta pee first.  Sorry if this is all TMI…it’s honesty, I have no filter-not like I haven’t had it in the first place-and I blame the meds.  Bastard pills that give me some semblance of “sanity and stability”…

Clown shoes.

Good Night, Sassafranians (I think that’s what Mourge came up with.  My brain is fried)