I haven’t lost my mom, but the loss of my Gramma-all of my Grandparents really-hit me hard. It does get easier, and you do smile again, but the wound never really heals. It’s always there, smarting every now and then. You just have to grieve, let it run it’s course, and handle when the waves come and try to knock you down. It’s ok, because that day will come when you can see again, albeit a little differently ❤

like baby bear soup

mommy and me

We share a bond, you and I, if you’ve lost her. If you have watched your dearest friend leave this world, I stand with you. If you have heard the words, “She’s gone” echo throughout your existence, you are not alone. If you have felt yourself break from top to bottom with the ceasing of that once beating heart beneath your mother’s chest, you are my sister.

I do not know your name. I do not know your story. I do not know the woman you long to hug, the hands you wish to hold, or the voice you pray to hear. I do, however, understand the reaches of your grief, how it spills into every part of who you are and what you do. I know of those sleepless nights and the days you simply breathe through because you don’t know how to live anymore. I know of the…

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