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And I’m using them while I can.  I don’t know how many I got, but I’m gonna hold on and hand ’em out as I go.  “You get a spork!  You get a spork!  You get a spork!  You get a spork!”

The weather here is beautiful again today.  My neighbors are working in their backyard.  I’m putting clothes on the line to dry.  All of the windows are open wide, and there’s a breeze blowing through.  I’m playing with May intermittently.  Damn, I’m outta tea.  I really want iced coffee, but I don’t have a lot of milk, and I’m not about to venture out to the store.  I may have a shit load of sporks, but I ain’t stupid.

I really wish I had a laptop so I could blog on the patio.  I could use the kindle, but it’s so awkward to type on, and it makes my wrists hurt, and I can’t see and whine, whine, whine.  Not wine, wine, wine cuz I don’t like it.

Ugh I feel myself shifting to a pissy mood…it’s not intentional, it just is.  Gotta love the Bipolar Coaster.  First spork lost to a mood shift.  Blah..that’s okay.  I gotta shit ton more.  *Sticks tongue out a mood shift*  Bite me, Pissy Mood.

I’m gonna run to the Polar Pop Shop and get me a drink.  And take May for a ride.  Maybe we’ll go to Gramma and Grampa’s for a little too.  I squeezed an extra gallon of gas into Vivi yesterday.  At $2.89 a gallon, you better believe Ima squeeze everything in there!  Better than $4.50 a gallon!

I think I might give myself a spa pedi on the patio.  My feet need attention, and it’s not like I’m gonna be able to pay for a pedi any time soon.  Vivi has $1,500 of my money into her, and I can’t complain about that at all.  I love my dream car.  Yes, I know, I KNOW…it’s high maintenance vehicle..kinda like me.  I’m emotionally high maintenance, but at least I can admit it.

I’m not money high maintenance.  Bitch, please!  Yes, I got a new Coach bag and sun glasses.  They were both on sale, they had 50% off that and mom had ANOTHER 25% off of that.  I don’t buy myself a new bag every season.  The last one I got is two, nope three years old. My new shoes were 50% and my old one’s were worn the fuck out.  I have a used car with no payment and my insurance is $20 a month.  (DB still pays that.  It’s the least he can do, considering.)  I’m on food stamps to help my parents out.  I work when I’m not an emotional heap on the floor.  I take care of my kids the best that I can.  I don’t put my wants before their needs.  It’s not bullshit, it’s fact.  At one point I lived in a VERY unsafe place and I went without food to make sure my son ate.  I did what I had to do, and then I went to another place and stayed for a few days and finally stayed with my parents.  I’ve sacrificed for my kids since the beginning, and I’ve had to do what I had to for them.  I’m not proud of those things, but it’s done.

Fuck, there goes ANOTHER spork for that emotional varmit…and another for hanging the laundry on the line.  FUGGIT.  I still have a lot.  Damn I’m hungry.  I need to run errands.  Guess I should get dressed…it’s not very acceptable to wear one’s jammies out in public where your ass hangs out and your nips show.  I don’t care how old you are.  Ass hangouts and protruding nips are no-nos in my book.

Ugh I’m hungry.  I think I’ll get gas station nachos.  And a drinky drink.  Yup…Ima enjoy this nice day..aww, poor puppy is pooped from our sporadic playtimes.

Ugh I have SOOOO much to get outta my head…guess it’s time for gold ol’ pen n paper.  I’ll lose some sporks there, but it’ll be worth it.