It’s Bilbo’s birthday!

No it isn’t.  It’s the number of followers I have.  To think that people actually want to read the shit I throw out here is pretty Fucking cool.

I started this blog for one reason, and it’s taken on a life of its own.  I know how people are just looking for people to follow and not really read what I have to say.  Some actually like or even LOVE  what I have to write about.  To each their own.  I’m not in the market to promote my blog for X amount of followers.  It’s my verbal varmit page, the place I can dump all the chaos in my brain when I can’t talk to Jane. I’ve made some pretty cool friends here and I love you guys!

I’m still not sure what to make of this whole Florida thing.  Sis says I should let him be a fond memory.  And I would love to do that.  I would love to take those happy times together and hold them in my heart and cherish them and just move on.

But how do you DO that when the person you should leave behind has such a huge impact on you?  How do you let him or her go that is the reason you breathe..wake every day..the first and last thing you think about??

Fuck IF I know.

He was texting me in class and I think he got his phone taken away.  Whoopsie.  *Shrugs*  It happens, I guess.  I’m still baffled…I guess I’ll always be baffled about Florida.  No I won’t.  I know why he does it.  Again, not my place to say.

It’s so weird to have the void gone..I had gotten used to it being there, always lurking around.


Eleventy-first follower.  To celebrate this, I think I will nap..