We need to be reminded of this often.

Of life she writes.

Round your back.

Sit up straight.

Be pretty.

Why are you so ugly?

When did you get so fat?

Why are you so skinny?

Are you anorexic?

Do you eat too much?

Are you stressed?

Why are you so happy?

Why are you depressed?

Why are you so hyper?

Why are you so dumb?

Oh my god, you’re way too smart.

Why do you look like that?

Why are you so pretty?

I want to have your hair.

Oh my gosh, you need to do something about that hair.

Shave your legs.

Shave your armpits.

Do your eyebrows.

Why do you have so much make up on?

Why didn’t you wear make up today?

You smell.

Your perfume smells bad.

Be pretty.

Be beautiful.

Be you.

Don’t listen to other people.

Do what makes you feel good.

Do what you want.

Wear what you want.

Put on whatever the fuck…

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