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Wasn’t too bad as this is my second go-round at the same place.  The staff is still the same-thank GAWD, and they both noticed a change in my behavior and overall person. Day goes like this:

Nurse check in from 9-10
Break 10-1015
Process and Education 10-11 (This is kind of like a small group focusing on little things caught during check in)
Process and Education 11-12 (Focuses on bigger issues and applying coping and problem solving skills)
Lunch 12-1245 (Sack lunch provided but who honestly wants the same salami n cheese on white EVERY DAY?! We can leave to get lunch)
Process and Education 1245-230 (which is usually telling our life story, and alot of things are uncovered and rehashed which isn’t a BAD thing, but it’s STILL fucking painful) And the Doc will see the new people during this time too
Education and Activity Group 230-330-Affirmations, and individual goal setting

This, of course is all subject to change depending on the incoming and outgoing people, if someone has a issue that comes up after we leave and it touched upon in check in and if things are going well for everyone then we do more coping and problem solving skills, education and helping each other through our various tough situations.

There is alot of stuff that I obviously can’t talk about because of HIPPA and just plain old respect of others, so I’ll just say that it will be an interesting ride this time around.  1) Because I’m there under different circumstances so I’m seeing things with different eyes.  2) It’s a different group of people and everyone’s protective shields are up and activated and high intensity burn your ass levels.  3) It’s a rather LARGE group and I might have an issue with space-as in I don’t want anyone within 3 feet of me.  Sigh..guess I’ll bring that up tomorrow.

I took my meds, so HOPEFULLY I’ll be asleep soon.  I forgot this morning because I am so used to taking them after I get back from dropping off the kids at school.  They’re going in my purse right now so I can take them at my normal time.

Oh, and I saw ANOTHER full double rainbow tonight.  That makes two I’ve seen in 3 days, and the 3rd Monkey’s seen in three.  Lucky.

I’m having horrid nausea as this Latarda (Latuda or Ladumda) vacates my system.  Along with headaches now and heartburn.  WTF..Tomorrow I see the doc and I’m kinda anxious to get his take on this shit.  Our “Leader” is floored at the reactions I’ve had/am having to the Latuda leaving my system, as well as the rest of us in our group that have had the stabby, can’t comprehend, skin crawling off and such feelings.  I’m sure there will be a SHIT ton of notes for him tomorrow.  I DID manage a LITTLE bit of dinner, but now it feels like it wants to revolt-imagine that.  I’m STILL clenching my jaw, and I thought I might have to crawl across the counter at Starbucks and ring my “barrista’s” neck because I asked for SUPER EASY ICE in my iced coffee.  Bitch I’m not paying THAT much fucking money to drink water flavored coffee.  If I wanted that I’d make the shit at home, and do it WRONG.  Looks like I’m grinding my own tomorrow.  Fucking bitches.  I still want to throat punch people for looking at me, yet I still see through them.  WTF is up with THAT shit?!  I REALLY wanna relax/chill pill…I feel the anxiousness creeping in for no reason…could be because my jaw is clenching-fucking medicine bullshit.  Fuck.  I need to pee and shower.  I’m dirty from the raised garden beds.  Or maybe I’ll wake up early…eh, one can think.