I think A LOT of people go into any kind of relationship with this mentality of “Perfection” and forget that we all need to remember what is “REAL”. I used to want happiness, but I learned it had to come from me first, and that my husband couldn’t give me what I was seeking to validate because of his engrained resentment towards me. I had to let alot go, including my expectations of our marriage. I’m ok right now. I’ve learned and I continue to grow, and I hope one day that I can have a real relationship and marriage to someone that challenges me and I challenge them. This is what Life is about-challenges, learning, adapting and growing. ❤

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

I became a bit incredulous yesterday when a woman on Twitter proclaimed that her marriage was “perfect” once she found a compatible partner. You see, not only do I not believe in perfection (except in the obvious exception of the first sip of hot coffee on a cold morning), I don’t trust it.

Sometimes perfection is a cover.

In many ways, my first marriage was perfect: we rarely disagreed, we shared many views and ideas and we worked together seamlessly. But underneath that facade was a husband who was playing a role and a wife too afraid to turn on the stage lights.

Sometimes perfection is a phase.

In the early stages of a relationship, it is completely normal to place your partner on a pedestal and to casually whitewash over any red flags (or even areas of discord). It’s easy to be perfect when reality hasn’t had time to…

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