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Ok my fellow Sassafrains: I am going off grid for the holiday weekend as part of my therapy.  I am doing ok..had a VERY heavy and emotional day for us all, and I have made the conscious decision to take a break from electronics-phone, desktop, and kindle.  This is a very hard but good thing for me to do right now.  I am delving into deeper shit next week and I’m scared.  I just don’t want you all to worry and thing I’ve gone off the deeper end.  This is just part of my therapy and my weekend goal.  I love you all, thanks for your continued support and all that you have done for me.  I will be working on some deep internal shit and I hope to share it next week. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend my fellow ‘Murcans, and a wonderful summer beginning to all y’all else!

You Sass-OUT