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ok guys…im seriously bag logged from the weekend, I still don’t have the Ethernet cable, and I’m super drained from partial already this week.  On the plus side-I did get an ENTIRE new outfit for dinner Saturday and I’m freaking out but calm at the same time. I still have a lot of shit to work through and talk about. I did give my therapist my Quarantine Diaries posts and she says they are super important and I condensed the most important and recent posts and printed off 100 pages..I think they are all relevant and I think she and the doc need to see them.

I will do my best to get caught up as best I can.  Still in a dark place and the klonopin is helping, but I still wanna crawl outta my skin..I’m less suicidal thoughts but still no hope. Thank you to those that have kept me in thoughts and prayers and have been commenting those special inside jokes a lot don’t get. It brings a little heh every now n then. I love you all and thank you everyone. {Hugs} ❤

Love-Your Sass