This is PRECISELY what society and media has portrayed Mental Illness as. That is completely un utterly false. Our conditions are not one’s we CHOOSE to have. We did not wake up one day and CHOOSE to be overtaken by our brains. Because our conditions are not PHYSICALLY seen, they cannot be PHYSICALLY compared and rationalized to others unless you have a mental illness or chronic illness. Thank you, Morgue, for doing this. I hope this helps fight the stigma around ALL mental illness. Because I did not CHOOSE to have Bipolar 1, ADAD, Trauma Issues and Postpartum Depression. Yeah, like that’s been a bowl full of fun on purpose.

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

***Disclaimer**** This post is in no way mocking ANY illness, physical or mental. It is simply a demonstration in how differently mental illness is responded to as opposed to physical illness.
Panic attacks
“Traffic makes me freak out so I avoid crowded roads.”
“Well, that’s just avoidance behavior. You’re not facing your fear.”

The physical comparison.

“I ate spicy food again and now my stomach is on fire.”
“Well, if you know it’s going to hurt you, why do it?”

Mood Swings
“I thought I could work my way through it without getting emotional but I was wrong.”
“You’re just not trying hard enough, you WANT to be in a bad mood so you have an excuse to overreact.”

The physical Comparison.
“I was up all night vomiting, but I think I’m better to do, I can do this.”
“Oh, no, no, you might still be contagious. Or you could…

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