This is EXACTLY why we stop. We aren’t listened to by those meant to “help” us, dismissed and pushed aside, told to be accepted by society we need to not be medicated and we are all violet crazies. If they only knew how debilitating it is…I would rather take my meds and be stable than unmedicated and accepted. I’m much less stabby 😉 Can’t say the same for Reggie

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

I have this twinge every time I watch something involving mental illness and the entire plot line revolves around, “Oh, she went off her meds, she didn’t think she needed them anymore.”

I have had times where I HOPED I didn’t need them anymore. Couldn’t AFFORD them anymore. Couldn’t take them due to surgery or pregnancy. A few times I’ve gotten so confused by side effects I phase off them for a week or so, then reintroduce them gradually to get an idea of what causes what.
Never once have I thought I was cured and didn’t need them anymore.

It’s not for lack of people trying to convince me otherwise. I am surrounded by so many people who think mental illness is imaginary, they nag me incessantly about “popping happy pills.” In light of that kind of stigma and pressure to “snap out of it”, I should be the…

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