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Since Zoe posted her beautiful cloud and beach pics, I wanted to share these pics of rain clouds that move through the Midwest.  I don’t know what they’re like for other people, but here where I live, you get some really interesting storm cloud formations even of it doesn’t rain.  We tend to get a rain shower in the front and nothing in the back, and the occasional sunshowers too.  I’ll even post more rainbow pics.  Cute Neighbor Guy thinks I’m crazy when I send them to him, but it’s just a little reminder that even after destruction, there’s still beauty and hope left to be found.  Just me.

IMG_7008Pano of storm clouds

IMG_7163Over the addition

IMG_7151Yes I took these while driving

IMG_7040Double rainbow over the addition

IMG_6210Pretty common sunrise here

IMG_5568Pink tinted snow from the sunset

IMG_6562Snow fog

IMG_6679Fog from frozen lake melting

IMG_6316Sun breaking through


These are typical Midwest views for me.  Sometimes there are beautiful moments-like last night the way the sunset hit the clouds and made them a glorious shade of pink and even some purple that we don’t get here very often if at all.

So Zoe, I hope you like em…I know they aren’t much-I took em with my iphone.  Much Love to you!