I think alot of partners forget that you have to work on both sides of any relationship. Women are not always black and white-though a few are. I think she makes a good point that we as women hold the power-to heal and to destroy. I, like Behind The White Coat, need to be wooed. I need these tokens of appreciation and validation to know that I am wanted in a loving capacity in order for me to give myself in that way to have that kind of intimacy with another. It’s nice to be appreciated for all that I do as a woman and a mom.

Behind the White Coat


“You gave my husband viagra?!??!” Her voice rose an octave with the last word. She was livid. “No one asked me if I wanted him to have it!” she sputtered.

The Viagra itself was not the issue. It was that she felt she had to engage in intimate acts for which she was now an unwilling participant. Erectile dysfunction had been her savior. Take that away and she was forced to confront her feelings about her partner and her marriage. Only, she did not really want to confront them…

Cue the male side of the equation:

“What is wrong with me? Why won’t she have sex?” Or sometimes, “Do you have a pill to fix her?” Typically this line of questioning comes at me in an angry torrent, more like accusations as if I am partly to blame. Sometimes it really is an honest inquiry. The answer, however, is terribly…

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