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Bat phone

Calling All Femmes! Calling All Femmes! You are all needed for a secret mission! Should you chose to accept, you will be granted with an endless supply of Bedazzled and Glittered Sporks of your choosing, upgrades for your Pegacorns and barbed Wired Dildos, and Organic Dark Chocolate Hand Rolled On The Legs Of Lesbians-no hairs included. Also, Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner for Zoe and Morgue, Embroidery for Blah, More Benefit for Tessa, and something funny as fuck for D. And, MEMES FOR EVERYONE!

Please contact Sass VIA Sassphone *I kicked Bruce Wayne’s ass out of Wayne Manor…he’s a sucker for a mouthy woman πŸ˜‰ We now have an official headquarters. Email for specific orders! Β This message will self destruct at the first sign of puking rainbows n shit.