From my DEAR FRIEND ZOE. This is what it’s like when there’s stigma and fear. We need people to see us as the people we are, not our “troubled” selves. We are so much more than that. We are fucking people with real fucking feelings and there are reason behind those feelings. I’ll fight tooth and nail to show you I’m more than my Bipolar Disorder. I’m a fucking human being. And WE deserve to be treated as such. We are more than or “Mental Illness” and “Chronic Illness”. And I hope to god the next man that I’m with sees me for the me that I am, not my Bipolar. I know I’m a fucking handful and I know I’m not easy to live with and be around, but it just means that there hasn’t been someone yet to love me for the wild free spirit I am. Stigma needs to be eradicated-because we don’t need to feel like we are less and unworthy. I don’t want to fit in society’s idea of a fucking pretty box. My box is my box, so fuck YOUR box. I am beautiful and creative and loving and fucking smart. I didn’t choose to have Bipolar, but society chooses to treat me like an undesirable because I’m different. Fuck your different. I’ll never fit in your pretty ideal box. I can’t be caged. I am me, and I’m fucking worthy and deserving of more than the fucking scraps society deems all I need. I’ll keep breaking the fucking mold and I’ll keep fucking fighting to prove everyone else wrong, because like Luther said, “I can never be the best I can be because no one will give me the chance.” Screw that. I’ll prove all those mother fuckers wrong-INCLUDING MYSELF.