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Today I have my follow-up with Dr Asshole, the second opinion doc for work comp.  I’ve had 4 therapy sessions at ATI-and for the first time in MONTHS I have range in my shoulder which I am EVER so grateful for.  The problem is this:  Asshole DR RELEASED ME TO WORK 3 WEEKS AGO WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS WITHOUT ANY NEW THERAPY NOTES!


I was supposed to work 2nd shift yesterday.  After therapy I went in to talk to my ED and my DON and told them how I do not feel comfortable yet and that I am VERY concerned that I will hurt myself or a resident.  I informed them that this doctor released me without any new therapy notes and that I am having radiating pain down my arm and that the pain is a constant 4-5 and nothing I take touches is.  The dr prescribed a med that increases GI bleed, and I’m already taking a med that can increase that risk and I’m already med sensitive so I am unable to take it.  My DON seemed concerned and understood about that.  I wanted to talk to them in person and voice my concern that this particular doctor said some very inappropriate things to me, in front of my case manager and was not very receptive to what I have been going through.  And they seemed to understand.  They were concerned that I’d been off so long-I said yes it’s been three months-and most people are back within a week or too.  And I explain again the radiating pain that even my therapist is concerned about.  It is in my collarbone, and goes down to my elbow and wrist, and I have numbness in my forearm and my thumb.  They seemed concerned about that.  I told them I wanted to wait until after my appointment tomorrow (today) before I felt comfortable enough to return to work.  They said they couldn’t allow me to do that because Asshole Dr released me with no restrictions other than no overhead work-no weight restriction WTF!-but that I can call my case manager and discuss with her my options.

I called her and let her know what was going on.  I told her that my ED said I can write a letter stating I am not ready to come back to work yet-but I won’t get paid, or that I can call off for today (yesterday) and wait until I see Asshole Dr.  My case manager agreed that since I don’t feel comfortable and the pain is radiating down my arm that it’s best to not go yet until after my appointment.  So I called off yesterday, and I see Asshole Dr in less than 2 hours.  We will see what he says.  I hate cocky motherfucking arrogant assholes.  They trigger me, and I go in defense mode, and become a bitch.  I think I have that protective right to do so.  I don’t like him one fucking but.  If I come across as “defensive or confrontational” it’s because he’s triggered me.  And you can be damn sure I’ll let him know.