I woke myself up at 3 this morning literally clawing my skin off.  I was itching like there were bugs under my skin.  I figured I just needed some Benadryl and I’d be ok.

Nope.  WRONG.

I went to the bathroom because I had to pee, looked at my legs and what do my eyes see?!  WELTS THE SIZE OF NICKLES!  Yep, I had Hives.  I’m sitting on the toilet going WTF can make this happen?!  The Zoloft.

Out the door I rush in jammies and no bra-I was itching THAT BAD and drove to the local er about 15 minutes away, and dug at myself the entire way.  At one point I was driving with my chin because my FEET were itching.  Best time to go to the er-the middle of the night.  In and out in less than 45 minutes.  Doc came in and looked at me, and tried to tell me they were bed bug bites.  EXCUSE ME?!  No.  I have a brand new bed.  I just washed all the sheets and blankets.  I cleaned my house from top to bottom, vacuumed TWICE because of all the dog hair AND my dog has just gotten a bath so I know it’s not fleas.  AND I took a shower yesterday-so don’t insinuate that my house is “dirty”.  Pissed me off.  It’s a from the Zoloft.

Doc didn’t like that I told him all that.  No, I haven’t been camping.  No I haven’t been to the East Side of Chicago in a shady hotel KNOWN for bed bugs.  Seriously-WTF?!

Sass consults Google-SURPRISE!  Zoloft rash with hives.  And alot of those people developed them about 6 weeks after they started it.  Hmmmm-who’s the doc again?!  Asses.

Got a prescription of Prednisone-YAY-and Aterax for the itching.  Oh FFS WHY?!  I have now itched-no, DUG at myself so much and so badly that I have bruised myself.  I have already called Dr K’s office even though I have an appointment tomorrow to let them know what’s happening.  Waiting on the call back.  Until then…