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I shamelessly stole this from the ever lovely and talented Kitt O’Malley.  Because I’m bored, and I’ve done all I can do around the house.  Now I’m just waiting for my meds to kick in and then I’ll be off to bed in mom and dad’s king sized fluffy bed of goodness.  Like I said, I’m shameless :p

50 random


1) I was born in Beech Grove, Indiana
2) I have a younger sister and we are 15 months apart
3) I have 17 cousins on my Mom’s side (including their spouses and children)
4) I have about 30 cousins on my Dad’s side (including spouses and children)
6) I have attended more funerals in Tennessee than Indiana, and I actually find peace in those services down there
7) I loved cats when I was younger, and I had one named Duchess and she was a bitch like me ❤
8) I didn’t graduate high school
9) I was in Marching Band and Color Guard Sophomore, Junior and Senior years of high school
10) I was in show choir in high school
12) I learned how to make macaroni and cheese and instant mashed potatoes when I was 8
13) I lived on carbs in high school
14) I am afraid of the dark
15) I sleep with my head covered up
16) My first car was a 1989 Ford Taurus and I drove it until it caught fire
17) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19
18) I’ve had 9 cars since then and 6 have been Fords
19) I call chap stick “lippy stuff”
20) I still have my stuffed cat that my mom brought back to me from Europe when she visited my aunt and uncle and her name is Princess Cupcake
21) I hated school but love Math and Science-I find physics FASCINATING!
22) I had a girlfriend from the time I was 15 to 23
23) I’ve only had two long-term relationships-my ex gf and my husband
24) I’ve been pregnant 4 times
25) I had my son naturally, without medication at 22 *BADASS* but needed and epidural with my daughter
26) I got my GED and CNA license within one month of each other
27) I was 3 points away from an Honors GED *stupid bubble test
28) I’m and extrovert and very social
29) I HATED dogs until May, now I like them, but not tiny yappy ones
30) I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and Bipolar 1 after the birth of Monkey
31) I LOVE to read and will read ALMOST anything-but nothing political unless it’s a biography of a former president
32) I love midnight movie premiers
33) I got my first apartment at 20 and lived off Raman and Corona
34) I’ve moved 16 times since I was 15
35) I do NOT like Scary/Horror movies because I am a HUGE chicken shit with a VERY over active imagination
37) I believe in the best of people, and I am therefore naïve
38) I LOVE British humor
39) I have a thing for accents
40) I HATE sauerkraut and will not eat it because it smells like dirty feet
41) I thought buttermilk was milk you stirred with a stick of butter
42) My Ma made the BEST homemade sweet pickles
43) I got married Sept 26, 2010 because the dated added up to 2
44) I still would love to have one more child
45) I HATE carpet
46) I believe in ritual burnings to cleanse one’s self for negative and toxic things from your past *Just did this tonight
47) I wanted to be an ER Nurse for EVER, and now health care is no longer a viable option for me-which isn’t a bad thing
48) I have trouble with authority figures
49) I’m a bitch because I don’t take anyone’s shit
50) One of my FONDEST memories as a little girl were the ENDLESS Scrabble games between my Gramma and Grampa, Mom, Aunts and Uncles around the table in the tiny kitchen, and the duct taped Scrabble Dictionary that everyone referred to

So there’s some more stuff about lil ol’ me.  If anyone feels the need to wanna know more, find me a question thingy and leave it in the comments.  I’m always looking for something to do!  Love you, Sassafrains!