I love all my HellBlazers AKA my Volatile Femmes ❤ If it hadn't been for the honest Blah, I can honestly say I wouldn't have gotten the help I did when I did. Thank you, King Butch 😉 To Zoe, Tessa, Diane, Morgue and the newest Femme Andi, I am forever grateful for your friendships. I still wanna road trip and ride Giraffes through the streets, licking Xanax hubcaps and riding Pegacorns with our sporks of fortitude.

I have voices inside my head. Not the kind where you take medications, the other one. The voice we all have, the whisper telling you to go pee right now. That constant inner conversation rattling around inside every head. Well, not all the time, I’m a guy.

There was a time in my life when my inner monologue was much more insane. Anyone who has ever gone off the deep end can tell you, things can get very scary inside that dysfunctional brain of yours. The constant feeling of tension , the weird thoughts, the nattering stressful boredom sometimes makes you nuts. Sorry to get technical there. You may become so engrossed in the internal soap opera it’s virtually impossible to remain objective. Scary thing is, it’s all so… rational.

Only it isn’t.

Did I say it was a monologue? Maybe it is more accurate to describe the experience as a wave mixed with an emotional rush; broken words and feelings…

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