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I’m still here and living in this hellish world we are forced to be in.  My kids started school last week so I’ve been busy being school mom-which I don’t mind.  I need a break from my children, my heathens, Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I love them and will do anything and everything for them-in which I recently have.  But I am tired from getting up a 6 am, and I have also been babysitting a 16 month old adorable little boy that makes my uterus flip and ovaries scream for one more.  If all little we’re like him, I would babysit.  

My son said the most hilarious thing the first day of school. I asked if he put his stuff in his hair and he said, “Of course-this is how I look fabulous.”  That’s my child!  Hands down, I can’t deny him if I wanted to.  Sarcasm and smartassiness is a genetic trait I passed to him!  

Monkey is monkey-8 going on Diva.

I will post a good post later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how tired I am.  

Until then, I’ll leave you with this little gem I saw while driving on 65 North. Yes I took this picture while driving in rush our traffic.  Sue me.  On second thought, if you wanna harp on me about texting/taking pics while driving, do me a favor a go fuck yourself.  
Love Your Sasscastica ❤