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I slept 10 hours last night-only interrupted around 830 am by rain which was a LOVELY sound…only to have Monkey promptly closed all the windows and a wet dog plopped at my feet.  The next thing I know, it’s 1130 and my parents are home.  It was one of those wake ups with a blanket wrapped around your head going “Huh?  What?  Who?”  I was up long enough to eat yogurt and granola, have mom rub the hellacious knot out of my shoulder, then lay back down at 1 ish for a nap-which lasted 4 glorious hours!  I did manage to take the clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer, where they are still at, wrinkled to hell, and a load in the washer that I’ve yet to spin out again.  Fuckit.  I managed to load the dishwasher too.  Now?  I’m lying in bed, prying my eyes open with toothpicks so I don’t come across as a “neglectful parent”-in which case I am because I let my kids be adventurous and learn.  Shame on me.  No helicopter parenting here-fuck that shit. I need my down time, quiet time, alone time.  My daughter sounds like a megaphone when she talks, which means I’m getting a little-a lot sensitive to noise again.

I went back on the Celexa.  The withdrawal was too much, and I started to get paranoid that people were talking about me.  Wtf??  So, I will deal with the itching if it means I can have a bit of calm.  Today it’s my legs and ankles that itch-like when you wear a pair of socks too long.  It’s not bothersome or annoying-yet-it just is.  

I had the husband over to talk to the kids about their stank ass attitudes and mouthiness.  I told him I’m fed the fuck up, and they’re about to spend 2 weeks with him.  They all gaped at me.  This mama bear ain’t playin around right now.  He’s taking a half day and we are all going to the State Fair for $2 Tuesday-$2 admission (normally $12) and select $2 food.   YAAAASSSS!!!!!  I got a smores milkshake the other day and it totally hit the spot.  I can’t wait.  We weren’t able to go the last couple of years-work schedules and then the shitstorm of 2014.  So I’m excited, the kids are excited, and I think the husband is a bit too to spend time with the kids.  Baby steps.

It’s 915 and I could fall asleep.  I think I shall.  Zzzzzzzzzz