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For those of you worried about me not posting a lot, just know I’m here, lurking and reading, commenting every now n then.  I had a rough day and evening yesterday.  I’ll explain another time. I’m still watching the Wee One for now, so my day is busy changing baby booth and playing and attempting to nap with him-HA!  I managed to clean up Monkey’s space today and made her go through toys to take back to her dad’s and to give to goodwill.  I cleaned my bedroom, went through a stack of papers and managed 2 loads of laundry.  I’m better back on the Celexa-paranoia is gone, but irritability is up.  Guess I’ll have to go back to klonopin 2x instead of once a day.  UGH I WISH MY HIPS WOULD POP!  Yes, I can pop my hips, ankles, fingers and toes, and shoulders at times.  I know this is turning ΓΌber random, but fuck it.

I’m still here, just floating on my Yacht of Sass, riding the waves as they come.  I opened my window to listen to the rain tonight.  It’s not storming, but a lovely rain.  Ah-one hip popped.  I’m tired, sore, and gritting my teeth like crazy.  I’m stressed.  BBF invited me up to Alaska for a few days to get a break from everything.  As soon as I get my settlement check from Work Comp, I’m booking a flight.  I need a fucking break.  

Took this pic yesterday at the State Fair in the Draft Horse Barn and thought of Blah.  It’s not Rohirim, but I thought you’d like it anyway.  β€