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PLEASE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP SAVE ABBY!  My dearest friend and her daughter are devastated about their precious kitteh.  She has helped my friend in so many ways through her rough months and she and her daughter don’t deserve to lose their little Abby because she is a single mom on a fixed income with no support from her daughter’s donor nor family.  PLEASE!  I URGE YOU TO NOT JUDGE THE SITUATION ONLY THAT MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND AND DAUGHTER ARE DISTRAUGHT OVER ABBY, AND SHE HAS DONE ALL SHE CAN UP TO THIS POINT.  

We all love Abby and her other kitteh companions, my friend and her daughter unfailingly.  Please-anything can and will help Little Abby-Sin, the Absinthe Kitteh ❤

Things have changed, drastically, and for the absolute worse. I have had to raise my goal to $700 after rushing Abby in to the emergency clinic. They are keeping her which raises the bill drastically.  This is my gofundme update, please, please, pass this around as much as you can. I am now indebted to […]