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Mom and dad left for Boise about 6 hours ago.  Kids are with their “dad”.  I have the house to myself and what do I do??

Took a 4 hour nap.

I feel asleep listening to the sounds of the drags at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Clermont-about 15 miles away, give or take.  It’s an annual tradition here in Indy.  NHRA US Nationals.  Beautiful thing.  Bathed in Nitro.  My super good friend in Philly LOVES drags and I keep telling him to drive his ass out here for the weekend during his vacation to experience it.  We are hoping he can next year 🙂   Brownsburg is also home to a lot of racing companies-Indy car, Drag, lots of independent small racing companies.  Indy is a beautiful place during the summer for racing.

I woke up about 30 minutes ago.  I switched taking the Buspar to the afternoon and my Klonopin at night to see if that helps with the Running Legs.  One can hope.  I am a little nauseous-I ate around 4 and I think it was too much.  I have my faithful cup of tea by my head-I’m taking full advantage of my parents vacation by commandeering their bed for a week.  Phone is plugged in and set to Do Not Disturb like every night, and May is curled up by my feet.

Oh-Blah: I follow an astronaut on Instagram who is spending a year in space and he took this picture.  I’m sure you will see why I love it so