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For my dear friend, Morgue, please help out of you can!  Spread the word!  She and I and her family would greatfully appreciate ANY help they receive!  I know I have a lot of followers and a lot of us are in the same circle, but PLEASE HELP!  “Things can be replaced.  Pets and family can not.”  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TO ANY ANDALL THE REBLOGS AND ASSISTANCE YOU GUYS CAN GIVE!  I LOVE YOU ALL!! ❤

Fund Oh, yes, it is I, she who really does not have anything good to say because…life. Around three a.m. this morning, my mom’s house caught fire.The fire started upstairs in my nephew’s room (he fortunately wasn’t there.) Everyone but her husband was asleep and he smelled smoke. Mind you, no smoke detectors had sounded. […]