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At least I don’t live in a garbage can a relish in filth for joy.  

I’m grouchy.  My shoulder/arm/side hurt.  My back hurts from sleeping in my bed.  I was too hot last night.  I couldn’t get comfortable.  Monkey went to the couch sometime and I woke up holding May as she slept on my pillow.  My head hurts.  I’m clenching my jaws-probably from the pain and shitty sleep.  I don’t want to do anything.

I did it all yesterday-the productive and parent thing.  I’m so exhausted I need a break-even a few days away to myself would be fanfuckingtastic.  No responsibilities.  Just a reprieve for a few days to reboot.  God forbid I want that.

My dad is fine with the pig being here-especially after I told him about cleaning his cage for 45 minutes and I couldn’t get it clean all the way.  My parents said they won’t choose sides, but I need them to choose my kids’ side. 

 I have so much going through my head right now that I can’t feel angry.  Just a tad bit of frustration, and the rest is emptiness.  I don’t even care about it anymore.  I just want what my kids deserve, my maiden name back and to move the fuck on with our lives.  Ugh I need to look for lawyers…a divorce and work injury.  Fuck I’m just crawling back under the covers, taking a Klonpin and sleeping unt I have to get my kids.  

At least Oscar could slam his garbage can lid down.  I can’t even do that.  Fuck, that’s so unfair.