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This week has been very rough for me mentally and emotionally. And busy with appointments of all kinds all week.  I am drained, it’s Friday afternoon, and this weekend will be long. 


Monday-email informing me of NSLM’s progress, or lack thereof, in Algebra, leading up to a meeting with teachers and guidance for a new proposed schedule for him

Tuesday-Mom had an appointment for an injection, and while at her appt she informed me via text that my former employers CEO was having his house raided by the FBI, ALONG with corporate (not too far from where we live) and FBI was in EVERY BUILDING THEY OWNED for…wait for it my nursing, doctors and health care professional friends…MEDICARE AND MEDICAID FRAUD.  Yep.  IMMEDIATELY I called a work comp attorney-one of the bigger names in the city-and I have an appointment next Tuesday. *To date, I STILL have not received any paperwork from the lawyers for my settlement, at which the woman scoffed at the amount they offered. I know this is the right thing to do and it’s just more on my platter, but I’m tired of hurting and having to explain my situation to my creditors

Wednesday-Met with NSLM’s teachers and guidance about his schedule.  Got two numbers for doctors to call and make appointments for him and all that is going on with him.  Had to call a family meeting in which DB had a major hissy wanting to know why I couldn’t just tell him through text.  He did come over, but didn’t seem to give two shits about what has been going on nor what we need to do as a co-parenting team.  Tears unsued.  I found out a little after 10 pm my time my cousin had passed away from an apparent overdose in Tennessee.  I saw my dad cry for the SECOND time in 4 hours.  Mom, my aunt and I were up until 3 am talking about things of all kinds.

Thursday-I helped at NSLM’s Science Day at the park-yes, on 3 hours of sleep, one $5 cup of Starbucks coffee and 2 Mountain Dews.  I had a blast, was a proud PROUD mama watching NSLM participate in organized social situations.  He scored the only run and caught the last out in kickball.  I got sunburnt as did he, and so worth it.  I had so much fun!  I dropped Monkey off at the library with her brother to watch “Big Hero 6” and then took a yoga class while DB picked them up and took them to mom and dad’s.  While taking my class at the end the instructor talked out our heart light…all I will say is I felt sunshine around my belly button, but my light was grey. It made me think of Florida and my sham of a marriage, and I tried so hard not to cry. I did sleep well for the first time-probably from exhaustion and being relaxed.

Friday-I took the kids to school and came back and started cleaning up the bedroom, made my bed, worked on the rest of the laundry and filled out my paperwork for my third opinion appointment today.  I text DB to see if he was going to get Monkey-no reply.  Whatever assfuck.  Went to my appointment where a SECOND doctor recommended surgery.  He said, “If you had been my patient, and after doing everything you did-as conservative as Dr. Kendall is-I would have said surgery as well.”  Not only that, he spent more time with me than Dr. Asshole and did a more thorough exam.  So I’m taking his recommendation with me Tuesday.

Friday Night-I hung with Cute Neighbor Guy-who REALLY needs a better name-for some adult non-family time.  His youngest daughter was over and I laughed so hard.  I had a nice time and he fell asleep so I took a picture of him!

This Weekend-We are traveling to Lafayette Tennessee to attend my cousin’s funeral.  Omg my BIL is gonna kill me!!  I’m gonna varmit in the back of this car!  Bitty Bug is making me bracelets!  Tangent.  We are on the road-obviously-and I’m not really looking forward to this trip based on the reason for going down there.  I get to see family so it’s a necessary evil.  It’s the circle of life-yeah yeah, I quoted Lion King.  Bite me.

My cousin struggled with addiction and mental illness.  He was not part of our blog tribe, but he was a member of the tribe.  He is now taking care of Ma and Pa, and he is free of the demons that held him.  Rest Easily, Todd.  You will be missed.