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First and foremost-I want to say thank you to all of you that sent me and my family condolences, well wishes and peace and love.  You guys are amazing and the most wonderful group of support and just another extension of my family.  

Second-sorry I couldn’t reply to all of your messages until late last night/early this morning.  Lafayette (pronounced Luh-Fay-et) is a tiny little stickville town and where my cousins live is nothing but farmland and tobacco barns.  So I didn’t ignore y’all, I had ZERO reception and there’s no such thing as Wifi there LOLOL πŸ™‚

Next-my cousin’s viewing was a good one.  He had a Real Tree camo casket, and his vault had a fishing and hunting theme.  It was really nice.  His parents-my great Aunt Billie and Great Uncle Hollis-and his brothers were in shock, but Uncle Hollis was a mess, God love him.  But it was good to see family, considering the circumstances.  We laughed, I snorted amd honked, and we just generally got caught up.  

Mom and I stayed at dad’s cousin’s place and all the “boys” stayed at Todd’s apartment.  My second or third cousin-we got so many idk the separation algorithm-took me out about 11 to Sonic and then took me out around back back country roads, and to a creek that he drove through to this spot…  Talk about looking at God’s Creation.  It was quiet-so quiet my ears rang and buzzed as they adjusted to it.  I saw lightning bugs, and the stars….OH MY THE STARS!!  I could see part of the Milky Way from where we were. I just looked back and stared.  I don’t get to see a lot of stars in the city.  I live next to the airport and a highway.  It’s always noise and light pollution, and hustle bustle never stop.  Lafayette, time doesn’t exist. People are friendly and there are trucks all over.  It’s peaceful there.  I can see myself being a real country girl there.  It’s always felt like home down there.  We saw all the trucks with the tobacco driving to dry it in the barns. 

 Familiar sight I grew up seeing of tobacco drying in barns 

 Tennessee skies and farmland 

 Real Georgia Peach Moonshine

I hated leaving and coming back here to Indiana.   I hated driving through the construction and people riding our ass to get to god knows where.  I hated coming back here knowing I would be in emotional misery having to deal with the shit I’ve got going on.  I just want PEACE IN MY LIFE.

Maybe it’s time to go where the peace is, instead of waiting for it to come to me.  That, I’ll be very grateful for. 

 My cousin and I 

 I think I can be a country girl and be happy