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I can breathe ONE small sigh of relief knowing my shoulder surgery will be soon.  I am scheduled for October 12 at 1pm, with an 11 am arrival time.  The best part is that I DON’T have to go all the way to the Ortho Indy on the Northwest side and that I can do physical therapy there where I’m having my surgery-which is the Brownsburg location so only 20 minutes from the house and no 465 to travel on.  HALLELUJER!

Now, I just have to wait until after it’s over to see how badly it was damaged, and then give that info to my Lawyer-WHICH I found out last weekend my cousin dated.  My world continues to shrink.  I have informed all the appropriate parties here (irl) and I am now letting my WP family know.  No, I’m not scared-at least not yet, and I probably won’t be the day of either-because I’m so tired of being in pain that the thought of being pain free-minus physical therapy-soon makes me hopeful.   I’m just ready to git-r-dun!

In OTHER news-I am tired and I shall retire early tonight.  I’m even going to let Monkey eat dinner in bed.  Because IDGAF tonight.  My mind and body are toast tonight.

On the plus side-I didn’t splat today, Morgue.