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My awesomely amazing friend Vic nominated me to participate in this challenge and I’ve wanted too for months.  I’m super excited and glad it popped back up on my feed AND to be nominated. EEEEEEEK!

The first quote I chose has a lot of meaning for me.  I didn’t understand it at first as a young 12 year old girl, but I do now as a 35 year old single mom with Bipolar.  This quote comes from a movie my Gramma thoroughly LOVED to enjoy, and at one time I aspired to be a ballroom dancer for about the length of the movie.  Strictly Ballroom is a wonderful movie about breaking beyond what you’ve been conditioned to do and living how you want to live.

Vivir con miedo, es como vivir a medias!

  A life lived in fear is a life half lived

I have found that since I got an easyish out in my marriage that I lived my life in fear of rocking the boat.  Now?  I live freely.  I know I drive my parents crazy and my kids too, but I’m not who I once was.  My free spiritedness and child-like awe and love of the world is returning.  My faith and hope are as well.  

And I hope to one day live that life with a man who loves me on my default setting, as Zoe put it ❤   Pluto Zoe.  Pluto.  

I haven’t decided if I want to nominate anyone yet.  I gotta “sit and study it” as my Ma used to say ❤   Thanks again Vic for this opportunity!