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Today I’ve been reminded that we don’t really know people unless it’s the side they want us to see.  It’s like high school cliques all over again.  You don’t fit in here so you try to change to fit in over there and in the end, we are all beaten down because we aren’t accepted for who we are.

Today I was reminded how much humanity is left in the world by the AMAZING generosity of one person for another, just to see them well and to pay it forward.  

Today I was reminded how unlucky I am to not have that kind of person or people in my life physically.  I am jealous-EXTREMELY JEALOUS of an opportunity one caring person has done for the sake of another just because it needed to be paid forward.

I am reminded today that our mental illnesses limit is in some ways, but have us excel in others.  I am not artistic, I can’t dance, I can’t even sing anymore-a true passion I have always had.  BUT I have been given the ability to be honest and talk to people in a real way without making them feel attacked.  I am able to pull things from people they would otherwise take to their graves and keep it confidential.  I won’t violate that trust.  

Right now, I am feeling so many things from so many angles that I am physically exhausted from the thinking and protecting of myself.  I have been given a very heavy thing to do, and I must think on how to approach this without seeming whiny, begging and grovelling and pleading.  I need to think and really contemplate how to do what was asked of me.

So I will do my other quote post tomorrow, but I will be taking the weekend to think and reset, reboot and respond in the appropriate manor.  Don’t worry I’ll be back.  I’m just severely overloaded mentally that I can’t function.

There’s no need to like or comment on this post.  I just wanted to let you know where I’m at mentally.  I love you all.