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This quote is related to my Gramma.  She was an inspiring woman, a silent strength, a pillar for me.  I talked to her about anything and everything.  She would let me rant and rave a sob and cry and she always said:


Upon further inspection and NOT using Wikipedia as a source, I discovered this quote is not actually from the Bible-sorry my religious and faithfuls-but is ACTUALLY of Pursian descent.  No matter where it came from it has one meaning: No matter the trials we endure, the worst of the worst and heartaches we go through, things will eventually improve.  It did not come to stay, it came to teach and move on.

My Gramma always new the right tone to say it in, the right pressure in her hug and the right time to let me know it will be ok.  Thank you Gramma, for telling me these words to help me navigate through my insanely roller coaster life.  I love and miss you dearly.

Love Always, Shanni Bear ❤