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For the few of us that received and email about an hour ago, I wanted to write my personal feelings on it.  This person is wonderful and amazing no matter how much they self doubt and self sanatorium themselves based on trying to fit a model they were not born of.  This person has shared their anger, frustration, rage, sadness, emptiness, creativity, loneliness, self-isolation, mania and as much as they want to deny it, the love recently found in someone to compliment them.

Taking a step back and away is not a bad thing or a selfish thing-it’s a damn hard decision to make and a healthy one as well.  In order to find a semblance of a baseline-better than stability imo-one must seek help from others and look deep inside themselves to recognize that help is needed on a larger scale than once thought and anticipated.  

This person is a very dear friend to a lot of us here on WP, and is one of our tribe.  Please send out positive vibes and prayers or whatever you believe in to help our dearest friend travel this rickety bridge to get back to a healthier place.

Friend, know you are loved, want extras, and will be missed greatly, but you of all people know we will be right here for your return.  I promise no sunshiny rainbow vomit or Pegacorns shitting Skittles, but I can promise you will be welcomed back with open arms as if you’ve never left.

Take care, dear friend, and know you have NEVER been alone and you never will be.  And ffs give that person a chance and stop being so scared.  You are worth it and worthy of what is to be offered.  Love you, Dearly

Love-A Fighter In Your Corner