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I have been very quiet lately.  And for good reason.  No I’m not depressed, even though we are all circling the drain in the same fashion which is just not right, but I’ve been asked to do something that requires a lot of work to protect some persons.  I am trying to achieve my task in the best way possible and to do so tactfully and with grace so that it doesn’t come out as aggressive or undermining.

But in accepting this task I have come to realize that even though we share HUGE parts of ourselves here on WP, that not everyone can see the whole of us, and some of us only show different parts to different people-therefore mucking up the water.  I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing when this happens, because it does.  What I’m saying is that we only know the parts certain people show us, and sometimes we need to come together to put the pieces together to see the whole puzzle.  In essence, that’s what I’m doing is gathering all the random and scattered pieces to build a more accurate puzzle. 

And it’s HARD.  REALLY REALLY HARD.  I couldn’t ruminate on it over the weekend-I enjoyed my family time, and then mom freaked me out and I had a panic attack-thanks mom -_-   But I did think about it a bit on the drive home.  How would this person react-well I know that answer.  Will this person know it’s coming from a good place and not one intent to make them feel worse?  Probably not.  Does this person know how cared for they are here? To some extent I believ they do.

So I’ve been tumbling thought after thought around in my head on how to approach/attack this thing, and honestly, I think either way someone will take offense and someone will get hurt.  So it makes it all that more precarious of a balance to maintain.  I am honored to have been trusted with this task, and I hope I execute it well.

It’s just gonna take me a bit to figure out how to do this without straight upsetting people.  Try, I must, for that is who I am.  The caretaker.

Weekend update soon!