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After my weekend and talking to my cousin-the female one-I told her about her brother’s rash and that momma needed to know so he could get his ass to the doctor.  When you take 3 Benadryl to help you stop itching and STILL itch yourself half to death in your sleep, that concerns me.  On top of my 15 years of health care experience and seeing the shit I’ve seen, watching someone scratch and scratch and scratch and knowing what can happen-yeah, get your ass to the doctor!

Well, he got mad because his “momma fussed at me”, and I said good.  I told him I was concerned about the itching and rash that was now covering his body.  He said “I’m not happy!”   Could you BE anymore childish??  So I sent this long message about being concerned and blah blah blah.  No response.  Waited a couple hours after talking to his sister I sent a message saying I wasn’t sorry for being concerned and the usual Sassiness came out.  I can’t help it.  It’s the fact that I was concerned enough to say “Hey-your brother is itchin somethin awful and he needs to go to the doctor for some meds.”  

So I sent him another message about the stuff we talked about over the weekend and how he deserved better and blah blah blah and he sent me a message back saying he does deserve better and he’s gonna get what’s his.

Ok.  Fine.  I can respect that.

What I can’t handle is the blatant disrespect towards me.  Now he won’t talk to me at all.  And that hurts, ya know?  We opened up and shared some of our deepest hurts and desires.  I even left my Florida box there under his bed.  Because I was ready to let go and move forward with my life.

But you want to act like a fucking kid over something so petty?!  THEN not talk to me about it, oh man was I triggered.  I have not felt this used, this ENRAGED since I was 20 years old.  And I’m talking I want to punch him in his face, rip his arms off and beat him about the head and neck with them!  I am actually BEYOND that point of rage-I am vengeful.  I haven’t been there, again, since I was 20.  

I don’t feel sorry for his ass when he sees this red headed city girl storming into Lafayette and whoopin his damn ass.  I don’t tolerate disrespect in any manner or form.  I’m not raising my son to be disrespectful, or my daughter, and they are also being taught not to take anyone’s shit.

I’m not taking this childish shit, and he’s gonna know it up close and personal.  Hell hath no fury like a Pissed Off Scorpion Woman that’s been disrespected.  I’ll show you how a city girl takes care of business.