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This mother, wife and woman has been brave enough to share her story.  If any of you know I suffered Postpartum Depression, and the doctors are unsure if the Bipolar triggered it or vice-versa.  I know the empty feeling of looking at my children and WANTING to love them, but being to broken I felt nothing.  Unfortunately, I was not able to seek good medical care in order to find my baseline 10 years later.  I know the feeling of wanting to LIVE again, to FEEL again.  This post is honest, brutal, raw.  This is Bipolar Depression.  Thank you for sharing your story ❤

Today’s post is a particularly heart-rending one. The subject is absolutely not specific to parenthood where there’s mental illness involved, and it’s very much about motherhood universally. It’s brutally honest yet beautifully written. It’s also incredibly brave – by being so open with us, the author has made herself vulnerable, it’s a big risk to […]