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As you guys know I’ve had a lot of loss in as many weeks.   I ran across this on Freshly Pressed and it has resonated with me and my friendship with my oldest and dearest friend who took her life Wednesdsy while we were on the phone together.  

She grew up privileged, wanting for nothing, with parents that lived her more that words can express.  She ran with whomever she felt like being with, and suffered through years of alcohol and drug addiction, and several suicide attempts.  While my family, well meaning as they are, til me I should break ties with her, I couldn’t knowing she really had no one because of her own destruction.  I took a step back, I wasn’t as available, but we still talked and we would hang out once or twice a year.  I never gave up on her because I loved her, because she was who she was and she was imperfect and human, and therefore fallible.  

I will miss you, Shawna Lynn, for you truly were one of my best friends from the beginning.

I’ve saved all the text messages my sister and I sent to each other this year. I thought it would be comforting to be able to look at them when I’m sad and know that we connected when everything else got stripped away. I saved them but now it’s a bit of a double-edged sword […]