I am a “Free Range” parent by *gasp* letting my children play out of my site. They know their boundaries and have their consequences. NSLM is getting MUCH better and I’m proud of him. Monkey….she’s 9, and has a heart of gold like me. But for the love of all that is holy parents-LET YOUR KIDS BE KIDS! My cousin’s kids are scared to leave her because “something might happen”. They have to learn to take risks and learn from mistakes. Shit I’ll be 36 in 2 weeks and I’m STILL learning and failing miserably-but I’m loving life as I go. Stop hovering and wrapping them in bubble wrap. Let them get dirty, bruised and banged up. And for god sakes let them fight their own childish battles. “Don’t come to me unless someone is bleeding, has a broken bone, or is unconscious/dead. I don’t wanna hear it.” Yeah-Sass is on a soap box rant today. Deal with it or hit the little tiny X in the corner.


I’ve encountered many children over the years I’ve spent teaching. Recently, their pushy, over-protective, downright isolatory parents have instilled in the majority of them a sense of fear. They’re terrified of everything.

Have to leave your mummy to come to class? Cry a lot and she’ll come running in and remove you from the teacher’s obviously awful class. Got a cut knee? Feel free to not come into class, it doesn’t matter if the teacher has been up all night sewing your exam costume. Want to go on holiday? Of course, go, and make sure you don’t tell your teacher personally. She’ll be thrilled to hear it second hand from another parent, on the day before the exam.

I am so in agreement with this article, I cannot reiterate it enough. The children I teach won’t try to learn an exercise for fear that they will get it wrong. A…

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