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*Started yesterday morning

I’m a wreck already and it’s not even 8 am.  I didn’t get maybe 90 minutes of sleep, and most of it was blissful I will say.

Because I got to talk to English Gentleman last night.  Oh after almost 4 months of not being able to talk we reconnected last night and it was honestly the happiest I’ve felt in months.  If you saw me last night, you would have thought I were a teen talking to her first “real love”.  Yeah, I was that happy and excited to talk to him.

You see, he’s on an 8 month trip around the world.  He started in Thailand, then went to Japan where his favorite city was Kyoto so far for all of their temples, and now has a love of sushi.

He is currently in Australia before spending two months in New Zealand and then landing stateside in January in San Fransisco.  And he is going to come see me!!  He wants to visit Chicago-which is a 3 hour drive or 30-45 plane trip away from Indy.  I’m so excited.  Talking to him lifted my spirits on a day that was absolutely unbearable.  

Shawna’s service was very nice.  It wasn’t “preachy” as her parents we worried it might be.  Shawna would have been proud.  The boys broke my heart, but seeing them surrounded by so many loved ones made me feel better.  My ex girlfriend and her whatever you wanna call her-who was another best friend in high school-and I completely ignored them.  I acted as if they didn’t exist.  Why expand needless air on them?  I did see me ex’s mom, gave her a hug, showed her a pic of the kids and complemented her hair-which looks great!-and pointed her in the direction of her daughter.  That was the only acknowledgement they got from me.  I saw a few people from high school, but there was a lot of friends from Sharon and Jerry’s side and Deana’s family.  I got to see Shawna’s oldest and dearest friend who gave a speech about their friendship and how Shawna helped with her daughter’s when they were born.  Cheesus they’re 18 and 17 now.  

I cried when I first went up to see her, Deana, Sharon and Jerry where all there while I lost it.  I got to see Ryan and finally meet his wife-whom Shawna RAVED about-and it was good.  We all shared good memories, though we were all trying to piece together whom all she called and when.  I truly believe I was the last one she called.  While talking to everyone so many puzzle pieces were revealed about her, but it doesn’t change the fact she was still my friend, and I loved her no matter what.

I’ll end with what the pastor ended her service with: Shawna had a compassion for taking care of the elderly, her friends and her twin boys.  What we can take away from this is that I KNOW you will receive something good that you will never see coming.